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An Update from Deva Fest Towers

With just over two months until Deva Fest is due to take place, we wanted to give you an update from DF Towers.

We have to start with a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a ticket for DF 2021 so far. We know the last year and a half has been hard for everyone, and that you want something to look forward to. That isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

Your support means everything to us and a special word to those who have gone out of their way to send supportive messages to the team. We know that you know this isn’t easy at the moment.

The event is on target to sell out completely sometime later this month and you are all desperate to know IS DEVA FEST ON!!!!

Spoiler alert….so are we!!!!

The most vital thing for us now is knowing what the Government and Public Health teams want to do about the last bit of unlocking on the roadmap. Everyone is due to find out about this next Monday (14th June), with whatever is decided being put into place the following Monday (21st June).

Every festival organiser, live music promoter, theatre goer, wedding planner and sports team is waiting with slightly sweaty palms to see if that announcement will allow us to safely get back to the things we love.

You might remember when Glastonbury cancelled all those months ago, we posted to say we understood the reasons why. “Glasto” takes months to build, and we are a fraction of their size. The organisers of “Glasto” would have had to start writing some pretty hefty cheques for the build to start well in advance of the event, and it would have been a huge risk for them.

We travel lightly compared to “Glasto” but our time to start writing cheques (alright – typing numbers into a funny bank card reader) will be on us towards the end of this month and Deva Fest costs a substantial six figure sum to put on. If there isn’t a clear path for us, we won’t be able to take the risk.

Pretty much every event this Summer is in the same boat as us. We aren’t special. We desperately want to go ahead this year and put the festival on, but we need Government to give us the confidence that restrictions will be eased enough to welcome you to Deva Fest safely. That way we can start tapping payment details into the bank card reading thingy to pay the likes of the stage and production team, artists and of course the loo guys (along with the 50 odd other contractors who help us to put the festival on, and who rely on events like ours to put food on the table).

We are members of the Association of Independent Festivals and they have provided all the facts and figures to us for the test events that were carried out last month. The test events showed that it was safe to attend outdoor events with some sensible precautions taken, and we will implement anything that is recommended to keep you safe whilst you are with us.

So, we thank you for your support and ask for your continued patience.

Our tickets continue to be available with a Covid guarantee and we hope that we can bring you some good news soon!

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