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Peter Spanton Drinks

The germ of the idea for Peter Spanton Drinks wafted forth from the glorious fug of London's famous Vic Naylor's bar. Naylor's was a Clerkenwell demimonde every bit as carnal as its meat-market neighbour. Spanton was the ring-master and demonic force at the centre of the whole crazed dance. The chance encounters in the rabbit hole gave rise to some eclectic couplings among the dissolute stars that went down with him. Peter's drinks are born of the same charged magic and forged down the same damn hole. The eclectic couplings can be just as challenging - and not a little wild-eyed but each one has painstakingly evolved to serve a purpose either as a superior mixer or taken straight. They all bottle the brilliant alchemy of a lifetime spent at the service of joy and chaos.