Feedback from 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to Deva Fest in 2019!

We had over 300 feedback responses to us via our ticketing parters and our own survey.

92% of people who responded across all platforms said that they would definitely return for our 2020 event, which we have announced for the weekend of the 14th to 16th of August.

We want Deva Fest to be your “go to” family friendly summer music, food and lifestyle festival, so we take your feedback very seriously – both good and bad.

What shone through was that most people enjoyed the atmosphere, location, venue, pricing, food and drink offering, fairground rides and entertainment.

Where there is room for improvement in particular is the VIP area and shuttle bus services to get our guests to and from the event.

It is difficult to provide all the comforts of home in a field, and our VIP area this year suffered from the weather in that a state of the art toilet block got put in the wrong place behind the big top due to soft ground, and that meant that our VIPs could not easily get to it. Also families booked into VIP were unhappy that all the rides were in the main festival area, so they did not feel they needed to use it.

There will be no VIP area in 2020. There were plenty of comments that there were ample toilet facilities on site, and that they were some of the best loos seen at a festival – so we will order more of those for 2020 and by attending we feel everyone is a VIP. We may look at this again in the future.

We are aware that our partners providing the shuttle bus disappeared on us for a period on Friday night which meant that some people struggled with onward transport. The partner providing the transport promised to carry out a full investigation and has ignored us ever since, so we will not be using them again in 2020. The idea behind the shuttle buses was to provide a safe, easy and environmentally friendly way of getting to and from us, but from our surveys only around 10% of people used them. 

For 2020 we will still provide a free bus to the venue, but this will take the form of a timetabled route at the start and end of every day instead of just going back and forth to Chester station. By doing this we will be able to serve more locations to pick up and set down, so the bus will run to Wrexham in 2020 (as a number of you have requested) and will also serve Chester City Centre. If you have any suggestions as to additional pick up points please send them to and if there is demand we will add them. The bus will still be free, but we will ask you to book a free bus ticket when you book your festival tickets so that we can manage how many buses are needed and what size they should be. That way we can still provide an environmentally friendly transport service to the event and hopefully encourage more of you to leave the car at home.

One comment that came up a few times was that people would have preferred the old school dance day to be on Saturday and not Sunday. The availability of various bands and acts does dictate what goes on and when a little bit, and that was the position here. A number of Sunday’s old school acts were attending a different event on Saturday. Spoiler alert – we are looking at an old school day for 2020 and will take these comments on board. Saturday worked really well as Carnival Day in 2019 with hundreds of you getting into the spirit and dressing up and there will be a similar style of Saturday for 2020 with a new theme for you to dress up as, but by moving the event into the school holidays we will be making Friday a full day for 2020.

We have also moved the event into August as many of you commented that you would have liked to have stayed for the weekend and camped. The weekend we have chosen was the only one we could find where there was no direct clash with the Races or other festivals and events that you might have wanted to go to.

Thank you for all of your comments – good and bad. We do listen and this is your festival as well as ours, so we will keep working and innovating to make it the best we possible can.

Phil Marston, Managing Partner, Deva Fest 

Getting there!

Getting to Deva Fest couldn’t be easier……we will again run a bus shuttle service at the start and end of each day to and from Chester Railway Station free of charge, or there will be plenty of free parking on site close to the festival area.

Chester Lakes is just minutes from the A55 North Wales Expressway.

Group Bookings!

Celebrate at Deva Fest! We would love you to bring your tribe to our festival! 

If you want to bring 10 or more guests along get in touch with us directly by emailing and we will work out a group discount for you.