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Hack the VAT and beat the Price Rise

IMPORTANT TICKET NEWS if you have not yet bought Deva Fest tickets
When the pandemic first hit in 2020 our good friends at HMRC gave festivals like ours a bit of a break and reduced VAT on events tickets from 20% to a rate of 5%.
This let us keep a little more of our revenue to get us through to the other side.
Even though we haven’t been able to hold our festival since 2019, HMRC put VAT back up to 12.5% last year and at the end of this month it goes to the full 20% it was before the pandemic.
Unfortunately that means from the end of the month our tickets will all go up by the amount of that VAT increase, which means around £2-3 on day tickets and £7-8 on weekend camping tickets.
We’d love to say we can absorb the uplift ourselves, but with the cost of everything we need to put the festival on going up we have to pass it on, and we have already absorbed that first increase last year.
You can of course stick it to the taxman and #HacktheVAT by buying your tickets NOW! Prices will stay the same until the end of this month.
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