K Klass lines up on Super Sunday

The band, formerly from Chester and Wrexham, now reside in Manchester and come home to do a special slot for us on Super Sunday. Their chart topping hit “Rhythm is a Mystery” launched them into the world of music as Paul Roberts explains “”We all met at the Hacienda in 1988. We had met before, though. Andy and Carl had done some gigs. Myself and Russ went to see Andy and Carl’s band, Interstate play in Chester supporting 808 State. Andy and Carl were already pretty established, but we had no gear at the time – it was basically an SH-101 and a little Tandy mixer. We took about five tracks to Eastern Bloc in Manchester, just to see what they thought. We didn’t have a name for the band or anything, and the tracks were just numbers, but they were really keen, and we put it out on a white label. We were playing a lot of live shows at the time, and used to take along boxloads of stuff to sell, and it went down really well”. – Paul Roberts. Theband is now, Paul Roberts and Russell Morgan alongside original vocalist Bobbi Depasois as K-Klass